Repairing of ice maker Orange County


Ice machines quickly burst into our lives. Now they are not only in bars and cafes, but also in homes where they can be found built into the refrigerator. Lovers of cocktails or chilled drinks that live in hot places can not do without an ice maker, not to mention bars, making big money on it. If you use this technique on a daily basis, you are likely to experience breakdowns. Ordinary people using the ice maker, this can be taken by surprise, but do not be afraid. The components can fail and the ice maker stops working, then you need the help of our ice maker repair service Orange County

Causes of damage to the ice maker

Ice makers take water from the water pipe to create ice, so you should monitor the quality of the water entering the equipment, otherwise you will encounter a breakdown of the filters. In addition, the location of the ice maker, pressure of Freon, operation of the fan influencing the temperature inside the refrigerating chamber are important. If one of the parameters does not correspond to the norm, then the device will fail during the time. Especially often, the technique breaks down in the summer, when it is used constantly for most of the day.

Common Malfunctions

Breakage of the thermostat regulating the filling of the hopper
Clogging of injectors
Pump Fault
Stagnation in drainage
Broken solenoid valve
Freon leak
Compressor failure
During our repair, our ice maker repair service Orange County diagnoses all the main parts of the ice maker, clean the filter, injectors, drainage system, check the condition of the refrigerating chamber, if necessary replace any parts, our ice maker repair service will pick the most optimal part and change it. We work with the most popular brands and models, such as Funk, ITV (Gala), East Equipment, ICE Makers, Scaiola, Maja, NTF, Emmepi, Wessamat, Scotsman, Gastro, Frimont, SARO ZIEGRA, LUXIA, GENEGLACE, Carotti, CRYSTALLITE , CHEFMASTER, Simag, Emmepi, Staff, Nuova Simonelli, Whirpool, ISEMATIC, Bar Line, Highcold, Manitowoc, Brema.

Our fridge ice maker repair service

Call us and tell us about the problem with the equipment, if possible, we will say the preliminary cause of the failure and call the master, for a more detailed inspection. After diagnostics, our masters will inform necessary operations to restore the work of equipment, and will tell about the cost of repair services. Thanks to many years of experience and access to a wide range of spare parts, our ice maker service Orange County will quickly repair the ice maker and resume the work of the institution or your usual way of life. Also, we can help with the choice of the location of the ice maker if the breakdown is related to this factor or if it is in the wrong place, so that in the future your technique works correctly. In addition to this, our ice maker service will give a guarantee for our work, as well as the accessories that we installed.

Ice Maker repair Dove Canyon

Fixing the problem on your own can be hard, complicated, and time consuming. That’s why you need to leave it to the pros at the Ice Maker repair Dove Canyon. Some units are built in, others are bought and installed separately. We can repair both, or we can help you install a brand new ice maker.

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