Dishwasher: repair and home maintenance

dishwasher_repair_orange_countyOut of all the home appliance repair, fixing your dishwasher seems like a herculean task. Yet according to our data and some customer feedback, using our dishwasher repair tips, you will be able to fix the issues in no time. Our clients also rank their DIY repair experiences as «easy» and it usually takes approximately 20 minutes to solve the issue. The list down below consists of the most commonly encountered troubles with a dishwasher.

  • In case your dishes are not clean enough, you should turn your attention to the thermostat. You should try adjusting it to make sure the water is hot enough (at least 140 degrees).
  • Many dishwashers have a door switch not too many people know about. You need to pay utmost attention to the door switch, it can cause a lot of trouble. Our website has a whole article dedicated to that subject.
  • One of the most common issues reported: clogging. It’s either the drain hose or the air gap. You should thoroughly check them and remove any unwanted debris from there.
  • If your dishwasher makes too much noise, you should identify where the noise is coming from. Most common causes: pump housing, motor bushings, worn-out arm bearings.
  • Leakage is also a common issue. It’s oftentimes related to clogging. Check the pump (might be worn) and door seals. Also worth examining: water inlet valve.

These are the most prevalent broken dishwasher symptoms. Before you do anything, you should check warranty information.

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