Electric cooktop repair: 5 main breaking

In Orange Сounty one of the main appliances in the kitchen is an electric cooktop, without which it is impossible to cook most of the dishes. But sometimes they go out of order, and the question is, what can you do in the kitchen without it? Therefore, the repair of such equipment is an important and urgent issue, which must be solved in the shortest possible time.




Electric cooktop repair Orange Сounty needs in case of falling in one of five reasons:

  • The cooker shuts off after a few minutes
    It may happen that when the appliance is turned on, it stops working after a few minutes. This is due to the activation of automatic protection, which works when the integrity of the insulation of the spiral is damaged. In order to determine the place of breakdown, a tool is needed such as a multimeter that is set to the resistance measurement mode. After analyzing all the burner rings, you can determine the faulty one and then replace it with a new one.
  • The cooker does not turn on.
    This is already a more complicated problem, to determine the solution, so it can be hidden both inside and outside. The reasons may be from the banal breakage of the plug and socket, to which the plate is connected, or the cord is rubbed in place of attachment to the plate, until the insulation and structure of the contacts inside the plate itself are damaged. So, if this problem occurs, check the condition of the sockets, cords, and wiring in the cooker. To make electric cooktop repair, the best option is to partially dismantle the stove and analyze all the systems.
  • El-cooktop

  • The plate is slightly heated
    You put the dishes with food on the tile, and does it not heat up?
    The cause of this phenomenon can be not only a complete malfunction of the burner, but also a very weak or long heating. This can be caused by several incidents, such as breaking one of the spiral or breaking the power regulator of the burner, which simply does not include its serviceable.
  • The oven always heats up to the maximum
    There may be a problem of a different nature when you notice that you are starting to overcook the food, instead of quietly languishing at a low temperature. In the case when you receive several times in a row instead of a juicy dish, dry or completely burned food, check whether the power knob is listening, since it can immediately produce full power when turned on. A correctly functioning power regulator should break contacts when the desired temperature is reached, which prevents excessive heating.
  • The indicator lights don`t light
    Such lamps are notified of the on-off status. If they do not shine, and in fact the burners are working, the reason lies in the power regulators from which the indicators are powered.

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