Gas furnace repair: how to properly care for the furnace?

Despite the quality and stamina of the gas furnace, it periodically breaks down and you have to spend money on repairs, but with proper prevention and care of the stove, it will serve for a very long time. The only problem is that not everyone knows how to do this, and therefore we advise you to entrust such a thing to professionals in Orange Сounty, since they have a set of skills and tools to perform such a procedure.

In order to avoid a gas furnace repair Orange Сounty, you should perform such actions as:

  • Cleaning of the furnace
    Do not forget or neglect the cleaning of the interior of the stove, the cleanliness of the furnace, the burner and the control parts helps not only to extend the service life, but also to normalize the operation of the furnace. So once a year, take a vacuum cleaner and a brush and clean the furnace.
  • Overlap of the gas main
    At the end of the heating season, when we stop using the stove, shut off the gas tap. In the event that your stove is connected not to the gas system but to the cylinder, then the gas supply valve must also be closed.
  • gas-cooktop

  • Search for leaks
    You should sometimes check your stove for gas leaks. If you notice a characteristic smell of gas near the furnace, it signals a hole and a gas leak. You should immediately find the place of gas loss or shut off the gas supply tap, in case you can not find the leak location yourself.
  • Examine the flame of the flame
    Before turning on the stove, after a long break, look at the flame and try to determine its color. The flame should be blue, with little shades of green. If the flame has a different color, you should call a master who can provide gas furnace repair Orange Сounty and adjust the air supply correctly. Also the length of the fire should be a certain length, namely 13 millimeters. In case of mismatch, this can be adjusted with a screw.
  • Density of joints
    An important point in the operation of the stove is the density of the joints of the chimney and the presence of holes on it. In the case of a hole, you need to replace the section.
    If you do not know something or do not know how to do it, do not despair and think that your furnace will come to a malfunction. You can only once in several years call a master in Orange Сounty, who will check the pressure regulator, the serviceability of the main gas valve and the safety valve, check the draft, the temperature of the outgoing gases and the level of carbon dioxide in them. And remember, you will save a lot more money if you spend on caring for the stove, rather than for repairs.

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