Helpful guide: repairing your dryer

Repairing a price home appliance can be a really stressful ordeal. Calling a professional for help seems like a last-ditch effort to some people. Professional help might turn out to be less cost-effective than just buying a new dryer. This guide will help to make your DIY repair experience as painless/easy/fast as humanly possible. According to our data and customer feedback, with our dryer repair tips, it only takes our clients thirty minutes (on average) to solve their issues. Below you will see the list of all the most common broken dryer issues reported by our clients.

  • If your clothes are not drying properly, you have to make sure that nothing is blocking/covering the dryer’s exhaust duct. With an airflow restriction, it’s only natural your clothes won’t be dried properly.
  • If your dryer makes too much noise, the issue is possibly related to bearings, seals or worn belts. The latter proves to be a huge problem. To check the belt, you must open up your dryer’s cabinet. If the belt looks worn-out, you should replace it ASAP. You should also carefully inspect the pulley wheel, they also do not have much to offer in the durability department.
  • If your dryer flat-out refuses to start, you should check its key elements, namely: heating element, high limit thermostat, and cycling thermostat.

Due to the limited amount of issues reported when it comes to the dryers, that concludes our troubleshooting guide. Hopefully, it was helpful and you were able to resolve the issue! If you need help — go to our dryer repair page!

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