Warranty policy appliance repairSometimes, even the best appliances fail due to a defect or they wear out from everyday use.

A warranty policy ensures protection that covers major appliances and household systems.

It reflects a company’s confidence in their products and services, and it helps build trust with its customers.

For this reason, we don’t take our products or work lightly. Your appliances, your safety and your peace of mind are our number one priority and we proudly stand by this.

We are committed to honoring our contracts and we offer you a 5-year warranty effective on any products or parts installed or repaired.

Our repairs come with a 30-day labor warranty to ensure that your appliances or home systems run as they should without any hiccups.

All our warranty policies are put in writing on the back of every invoice for your convenience; so if your product fails due to a manufacturing defect and it’s covered under our warranty period, produce your invoice, and we’ll gladly replace any defective parts—fast, at no charge!

If you experience any warranty related issue—worry not! You’ll have 24/7 phone and online support to our service experts.